The Southeastern Delegation to the AMA is comprised of the Board of Directors, whose members are chosen by their respective states, along with officers elected by the Board.


Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors is comprised of one member and an alternate from each of the sixteen states, the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.  Each state chooses their Member and Alternate. The Board meets as needed at the annual and interim meetings of the American Medical Association.  Board of Directors conference calls are held before each of the two American Medical Association meetings.


The officers include the Chair, Chair-elect, and the Immediate Past Chair. Each officer has a two year term. The Chair is the presiding officer of the Board of Directors.
  • John W. Poole, MD – Chair – New Jersey
  • J. Clay Hays, Jr., MD, MBA – Chair-elect - Mississippi
  • Alan K. Wilson, MD - Vice Chair - Arkansas
  • Claudette E. Dalton, MD – Immediate Past Chair – Virginia

Chair, Campaign/Political Committee

  • S. William Clark, III, MDGeorgia

Chair, Finance Committee

  • Janice E. Tildon-Burton, MD - Delaware

Chair, Resolutions Committee

  • Christopher Gribbin, MD - New Jersey

Editor, SED Newsletter

  • Shawn Jones, MD Kentucky

Board of Directors:

  • Steven Furr, MDAlabama
  • George Smith, MD Alabama
  • Alan Wilson, MD  Arkansas 
  • Omar Atiq, MD – Arkansas
  • Janice E. Tildon-Burton, MDDelaware
  • Stephanie Guarino, MD – Delaware
  • Peter Lavine, MDDistrict of Columbia
  • Raymond Tu, MD District of Columbia
  • Corey L. Howard, MDFlorida
  • Douglas Murphy, Jr, MDFlorida
  • S. William Clark, MD Georgia
  • Sandra Reed, MD - Georgia
  • J. Gregory Cooper, MDKentucky
  • Donald Swikert, MD - Kentucky
  • David Bensema, MD - Kentucky
  • William Freeman, MDLouisiana
  • Shannon Pryor, MD – Maryland
  • Stephen Rockower, MD – Maryland
  • Jennifer J. Bryan, MD – Mississippi
  • Randy Easterling, MD- Mississippi
  • Niranjan V. Rao, MDNew Jersey
  • Christopher Gribbin, MD - New Jersey
  • Rebecca Hayes, MDNorth Carolina
  • John Fagg, MD North Carolina
  • Woody Jenkins, MD - Oklahoma
  • Bruce Storms, MD - Oklahoma 
  • Gonzalo González-Liboy, MDPuerto Rico
  • Yussef Galib-Frangie Fiol, MDPuerto Rico
  • Gregory Tarasidis, MDSouth Carolina
  • Gary A. Delaney, MD - South Carolina
  • John J. Ingram, III, MD – Tennessee
  • Richard DePersio, MD - Tennessee
  • Thomas W. Eppes, Jr., MD Virginia
  • Cliff Deal, MD - Virginia
  • Joseph Selby, MDWest Virginia
  • Hoyt Burdick, MD – West Virginia
  • Karen A. Foy - Executive Director